In the framework of the Project: 'Renovation of the post-Bridgettines' monastery complex in the city centre of Lublin' the purposes at the level of products, results and the influence were defined, and which constitute a logical totality.

The main objective of the project is to increase the investment's attractiveness of the region and improve the living conditions of inhabitants through the renovation of the monastery complex in the city centre of Lublin.

Specific objectives of the Project:

  • restoration of the historical value of the revitalized monastery complex in Lublin,
  • adaptation of the revitalized monastic complex to new social and tourist -cultural functions,
  • improvement of tourist accessibility to the revitalized monastic complex,
  • improvement of spatial order and organizing public space in the centre of Lublin,
  • improving the level of security in the area of the revitalized monastic complex and its surroundings,
  • increasing social and economic potential of Lublin centre

The main objective and specific objectives of the Project were defined on the basis of the main objective of the 3rd Priority Axe of the Regional Operational Programme for Lublin Voivodeship for years 2007 – 2013.

The project is part of objectives of the 3rd Priority Axe: Attraction of urban areas and investment areas; increasing the investment attractiveness of the region by supporting the revitalized areas and investment areas, and in particular an objective of Operation 3.2.: Revitalization of degraded urban areas; restoration of degraded urban areas, including post-industrial and post-military areas, their educational, tourist, social and cultural functions, as well as increasing the investment attractiveness of the region and improvement of living conditions of residents.

The project is also included in the objectives of the Revitalization Programme for Lublin, adopted by resolution 752/ XXXIII /2009 of Lublin City Council on 18.06.2009.

The limits of the scope of the Local Revitalization Programme of Lublin in the first stage of implementation include crucial areas for forming the city's development such as: the Old Town and the City Centre, areas of the traditional building development shaping the image of the city, e.g. Thursday district, and areas remaining in worse situation than the rest of the city; squalid districts such as Głusk, Kośminek, post-industrial or post-military areas.

The project is part of the activities and objectives adopted for Lublin City Centre. The main objective for this area is: to provide a high quality of space and a wide, multi-directional service for the city and region with educating a metropolitan rank in fields of culture and science.

In the scope of the main project, 4 operational objectives were specified, including legitimate aims for the proposed project:

No. 1    Improvement of the landscape planning quality, with its scope of   activities, among others:

  • care and decoration of public greenery,
  • renovation of facades and roofs of buildings in accordance with conservation requirements and conditions of the city landscape,
  • organizing parking areas as needed.

No. 2 Development of the functions important for the rank of Lublin in the region, in Poland and in Europe, with its activities, including:

  • renovation of historic buildings for the purposes of the higher order functions (especially for culture and science);
  • supplementing urban tissue by respecting modern high quality requirements, functional and spatial.

No. 4 Enhancing individual and group aspiration amongst residents of Lublin with its activities including:

  • improvement of public safety,
  • creating workplaces.

Within the framework of the projects to be implemented by 2015, the document includes:

Project B.22. Renovation of the post-Bridgettines monastery complex at Narutowicz Street

As a result of the project's implementation we have a revitalized the post-bridgettines complex, including the rector church under the invocation of the  Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary the Victorious together with adjoining tower and old presbytery (a former convent of Bridgettines').The complement  of the project is the repair of the hardened area for parking spaces, car parks and organizing greenery in the surrounding of the church and the rectory.