1. Expositions

  • historical exposition connected with the Battle of Grunwald and the King Władysław Jagiełło and struggles for free and independent Homeland
  • archaeological exposition in the crypts associated with the jewels of the Bridgettines and Visitandines
  • a presentation of coins found under the floor from the time of King Władysław Jagiełło till now

2. Musical evenings

"Music nights in the post-Bridgettines Church" is a cultural and artistic event that has been taking place in this temple for many years.

The aim of this series is to present diversified repertoire. As part of the Musical Evenings both, amateur bands and professional performers, soloists, and members of consorts are present. The organizers are especially keen on the participation of artists and professional groups, which guarantee a high level of performance.

Character of the historic interior of the post-Bridgettines Church allows to reach for the creativity of various Ages, both cosy, intimate and as performed by an orchestra or choir.

The very good acoustics of the post-Bridgettines Church and beautifully restored antique interior create the opportunity to present classical music in appropriate conditions and to fill the gaps of repertoire by performing repertoire different from philharmonic.

At the same time it gives the chance for the musicians to present themselves in the chamber repertoire, while the audience can take advantage of the additional attractive cultural offer.

The concert offer is addressed to residents of Lublin city - seniors, adults, students, school youth; tourists, invited guests - representatives of cultural institutions, universities, etc.; groups of the city local community of different ages.

Post-Bridgettines' All Souls' Day

In reference to the 6th-century tradition and the victorious cards of Polish history, the Rectoral Church under the ivocation of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary the Victorious decided to organize post-Bridgettines' All Souls' Day. This is a concert of patriotic and legionary songs along with poetry recitations recitals in frames of concert series being held in this church, under the common name: "Musical evenings in the post-Bridgettines Church". Within this cycle, the Rectoral Church regularly organizes various concerts of classical and chamber music.

Post-Bridgettines' All Souls' Day- cyclical event during which we are referring to our memory people associated with our city and the temple: the King Władysław Jagiełło - the founder of the church and associated with the city of Lublin, knights fighting in the Battle of Grunwald, the Teutonic prisoners raising the walls of this church, the Bridgettines – nuns and monks, the Visitation Sisters and the Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union, priests working in our temple, who died in defense of independence of our Homeland and in the Golgotha of the East, buried in the graves and crypts of our church, in the former cemetery around the temple, benefactors and the faithful who have gone to the Lord, crossing the threshold of eternity.

Post-Bridgettines' All Souls' Day is an opportunity to involve the inhabitants of Lublin in the celebration of the 700th anniversary of granting Lublin Magdeburgian city rights, through which Lublin strengthened its position in Europe and it had an impact on life's quality of its inhabitants.